Monday, May 31, 2010

Custom-made silk signage

Hello friends! Look what I got in China!!

A custom painted silk scroll in Chinese characters for 'Lanternshop'. I just love it. Its now proudly hanging on my office door - I'm positive it will make me more prosperous!! :-) I also have some other styles which I'll show you when they are photographed - these will go in my warehouse/shop!

And here's my happiness hanging - love this too :-)

I've just about finalised the details for the next container!! So many great new designs of solar, led, paper, metal lanterns, fans, party decorations and more!! Very exciting .......

Also, its my birthday tomorrow!!! :-) Yippeee!! I'm having a 12 hour sale at to celebrate!
Guess this means I'll be extra busy on Wednesday!! Have a happy week!!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Tranquility ....... Chinese Style!

Luckily, I had one and a half days of free time in Shanghai at the end of my very tiring trip! And in a busy city of a few hundred million (feels like it, anyway), its just about impossible to find a quiet place!! But I did!!!! :-) - and here's the proof.

I got up very early, and it was raining, so thankfully the gardens were quiet! Although, after about an hour it was pandemonium when the thousands of tourists started to arrive.

Located in the old town, the Yuyuan gardens are stunning - definately my favourite place! I was able to recharge my batteries before heading to Nanjing Road - the famous shopping strip, which is approx 10km long of shops :-) More on that later!

Have a lovely day - I hope these pictures give you a lovely feeling of tranquility! :-)

Monday, May 24, 2010

Back from China!

We're back!! Its been a long absence, as I couldn't access my blog or any others from China - I've missed you all!!

Got lots to tell, but I'm too tired right now. A big thankyou to sweet Patsy, who worked so hard while I was away taking your orders and running the business (with Mr Dragonfly's help)! Here she is with her souvenier Panda. She loves it!!

So many great new lanterns and wedding accessories are on their way to Lanternshop. More details soon!!!! Will share my China pics too as soon as I can!
Have a great week!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Wedding flowers and lanterns!

Brides to be in Australia ........

Look at these stunning wedding flowers!!! Images courtesy of

Meet Lisa, the creator of these fabulous designs at the Bridal Fair - 22/23 May, Melbourne Exhibition Centre, South Wharf site #62 - Weddingbloomguru.
Lisa will also be featuring my silk and paper lanterns in her display (even more reason to visit her!!!!)

Well, its nearly time for me to be in China!!! Very excited :-) I've got so many great items lined up for me see, and hopefully loads more great stuff to be available at Lanternshop soon!!! I'm planning to blog while I'm away, if possible. If not - I'll see you all again in two weeks!!!

Skeleton staff of Mr Dragonfly and Patsy will be taking care of orders while I'm gone :-)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Hello from Patsy

Hello friends! Its Patsy here today :-)
We have been too busy this last week to visit blogland, sadly :-( So I thought I'd post some pictures of myself to let you know what I did last week!!

I spent 2 days eating this magnificent treatie!!

Then I rested,

I snuggled with my favourite friend Dolly,

And I cuddled with my second favourite friend Monkey!

We hope to visit you all again very soon :-)