Friday, July 31, 2009

DESIGN CONTEST!! - mini lantern giveaway

Daisy Pink Cupcake is having a Design Competition! Visit her wonderful blog for details on how to enter! (Here's one of her pictures)

I'm donating a little prize! 3 mini silk lanterns from my lantern shop

I can't wait to see all the amazing entries! - Good luck everyone!!

Don't forget to enter my dragonfly giveaway (see next post).

A big hello to all the lovely people I met last night at Brisbane ABCD function. It was a great night!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Hello dragonfly friends! I'm celebrating .... is back on line!
A big thankyou to everyone for their patience and understanding this last week.
So, I've decided to have a giveaway. So hard to choose what I'd offer, so I thought I'd pick my all-time favourite items - the 'coffee set' in dragonfly design. Its available in blue or red! Its sooooo cute, even the little spoon has a dragonfly painted on it!!
A practical and beautiful display item!
To enter, just add with your name and your colour choice (red or blue) in the comments section below!! Entries will close in one week, and will be drawn randomly by Patsy!
Thanks for visiting my blog!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Dragonfly Interiors Website

Hello dragonflys - just a few short hours until the site is back on-line. Its not completely finished, but the majority of things are ready, and I can't delay any more. A huge thankyou to all my wonderful customers who have been so patient and understanding!
So, I've decided to celebrate the launch of the 'new' website, I'm going to have a fabulous GIVEAWAY!! I will think about the prize overnight and post tomorrow. Watch this space ...........

Sunday, July 26, 2009

another website update!!!

How is it that the weekend is over already???? Still working fast and furious on the website. Its about 95% there! So, tomorrow is the big day! Yipee!!
Here's Patsy in the warehouse. She seems to think she's helping .....??

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Dragonflyinteriors website update!

Hello friends. Saturday night and I'm still working on the website facelift! Sigh! Whatever happened to my social life ?..???..
Good news - its going to be ready Sunday night (unless of any other unforseen circumstances)!
There's no new and exciting photos to post - so here's a pic of my favourite non-dragonfly green tea set. Oriental Bamboo design in red/black. Its a beautiful display piece, and, of course lovely for tea!
Back to work now .....
Thanks again for your patience - and Happy Weekend!!!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Website update!

Hello all! Website will be finished this weekend (I promise)!! We hit a snag with a virus on our main computer in the last few days. So stressful. But good news, virus gone - just need to re-load everything back onto the computer :-( Huge thanks to computer repair man for fixing so quickly! I've just been working off my laptop for checking emails. Big sigh .....
Anyway, I thought I'd include this picture to remind me to meditate and relax - so peaceful!! I took this pic on my last trip to Hanoi, Vietnam. So, time for a 30 minute 'time out'. Have a great day everyone!
Oh, and thanks again for all the email orders. Cheers!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Wedding Lanterns

For brides & grooms this Australian Summer wedding season! I'm off to Vietnam again in early October to hand-pick the colours and styles of lanterns for the summer! I will definately be getting plenty of white silk lanterns again and all the main colours, but thought I'd put it out there this time for my customers to make any special requests.
If you have any particular colour, shape or size of lantern you would like to use for your wedding or party, please email me . I will do my best to help make your special day even more special! The lanterns are especially gorgeous for garden weddings and photograph beautifully.
My stock is held in Brisbane and can be viewed by appointment. To see the full range on-line visit
Happy wedding planning!
Pictured: White lanterns in round and onion shape, peach lantern in diamond shape, pink lantern in olive shape.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Patsy's new Dragonfly fashion accessory!

Hello all! What a big day for Patsy. She's been to the beauty parlour (not too happy about that though). Here she is snuggling with 'dolly'. Dolly is easing the pain of the temporary separation from home!
So, since she's all nice and clean and has a lot less hair - I've given her a lovely gift. Its her very own dragonfly fashion accessory!
Thanks to Alison from Pretapawte for custom making this for me in 'Patsy' size.
We both absolutely love it. Stunning fabric and beautifully made!

Quick website update: Hopefully up and running Thursday. We have had a HUGE computer problem today.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Website renovation update

Greetings! Just a quick update on - the website update is progressing well and I'm hoping to be back on line some time Wednesday (fingers crossed)!

In the meantime, the Vietnamese Silk Lanterns are available at Any other requests for orders just email me Thank you for your understanding to my regulars who are ordering by email.

Have a nice day!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Website upgrade!

Good morning all! Our main website is currently offline undergoing a major transformation! We are planning to be back very soon! Please contact us via email
For our regular lantern customers, please visit our new lantern store
For our regular ceramic and gift customers, please email and we can organise your orders.
Sorry for any inconvenience.
We will keep you updated via this blog with any news, and are looking forward to the relaunch shortly!
I'm off to Vietnam again soon to bring back more fabulous things for you all.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Lazy girl's Dessert!

In winter I tend to hibernate and become very, very lazy - I'm no fan of the cold weather.

I thought I'd share my latest dessert idea - preparation time 2 minutes - perfect!
Mini 'Picnic' bars with a squirt of cream from the can! A bit strange looking, but a taste sensation!! As they are only 'mini' size, they are hardly fattening too!
Served on cute dragonfly plate (of course).
What do you think??? Worth a try I reckon! Buon appetito :-)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Cast iron ladybirds

I made it outside - just for one quick photo though. Its still freezing, and Patsy is still on the lounge!
These cute little cast iron ladybirds are on sale at the moment. I've only got 3 left in antique rust and 5 in antique white - both colours have cute little copper antennae! Used as paperweights or decoration for home and garden.
Here they are 'hanging out' in my Bali hut, next to Buddha!

Patsy, the hardworking assistant

Today, Brisbane is freezing. Sun is shining but sooooo cold. The plan for today was to be outside taking photos of the silk lanterns, but my hardworking assistant has other ideas. First, I found her snuggled up in the laundry pile (she's looking a little guilty too I think), then I found her sleeping on the lounge! What a life! I think she has the better plan for the day though! Maybe I'll stay inside too, drink tea and do some admin! Stay warm everyone :-)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

High Tea Party

Sunday's Brisbane Coffee/Chocolate Affair and Boutique Market Portside was a great day out with the girls. Perfect weather and great company- thanks ladies!
One of the highlights for me was these cupcakes from tabitha's place! They tasted as wonderful as they looked - what a treat! I'll be back for more next market day!
Served on the 3 smallest plates in the 5 plate set (KPSB) in 'kitchenware'
Perfect for a High Tea Party!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Today's calendar page!

Its nearly 5pm and I've only just flipped the calendar page to Monday (today). What an appropriate entry!! I'm still pondering returning to Vietnam to choose more colours and shapes for the new lantern website, but I'd only be able to get away for a couple of days - no time for fun and relaxation!!
I need to do another big shop for the silk wedding lanterns, and I'll be needing a miracle to be able to plan it so I can have a little holiday too ....... Sigh
This summer in Brisbane is shaping up to be big for Weddings!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Lantern news!

Watch this space silk lantern lovers!!! I've just gotten my hands on a couple of different battery operated LED lights I'm wanting to try in the lanterns. Will let you all know how it goes and post some pics if I'm happy :-)

Even though the Vietnamese Silk Lanterns look stunning without being lit, they look even more special at dusk and night time lit up. It completely changes the mood and the feel.

They can be used as light shades also - consult with your electrican first. Many restaurants (like Buddas Kitchen - see pic above) use the large size red lanterns.

Lanterns available at dragonfly interiors or lanternshop. All colours, sizes, shapes. Perfect for parties and weddings.

I Love it!!!

I just love my new tea towel! 100% linen, hand printed (solvent free). Good for the environment - good for me! If only Patsy, my hard working assistant could learn how to dry the dishes .......

Thank you Thea - this really looks lovely in my kitchen :-)
For those of you in Brisbane this weekend, Thea & Sami will be at the Portside markets on Sunday. I'll be there - this time the market coincides with the annual Coffee & Chocolate affair - two of my favourite things!!!
Enjoy the weekend - Sunday day off for me - today, all things dragonfly.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Patsy - the hardworking assisant!

I just couldn't resist posting this pic. Its the lovely Patsy (my hardworking assistant) sitting patiently waiting for afternoon tea!! Isn't she just adorable???!
Think I'll list one of these Vietnamese green tea sets on ebay as well. It will match the plates I just listed.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

More Butterfly

Butterflies are popping up everywhere this week - and everyone seems to want them. Out of interest I decided to refer to the 'animal spirit guides' book to read up on the meanings. Maybe helpful and relevant to you all .....
* lighten up and stop taking everything so seriously.
* Get ready for a big change, one where an old habit, way of thinking, or lifestyle is going out, and a new way of being is emerging.
* It's time to make the changes you've been considering.
* Express yourself by wearing more colourful clothing.
Can you relate to this???? I sure can! Have a lovely week :-)

Animal Spirit Guides is written by Steven Farmer, the very talented husband of the lovely Doreen Virtue. I was lucky enough to meet Doreen a couple of years ago at the Angel Intuitive conference at the Gold Coast. An amazing and inspiring couple!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Butterfly week!

Happy school holidays everyone! A very strange week at dragonfly .... it seems the butterfly is much more popular this week!!!!! The butterfly teasets are flying out the door! Patsy and I have been soooo busy.
Super-cute, hand painted in a black butterfly design, made in Vietnam with bamboo wrap on handle (quite unique). Teapot comes with six cute little matching tea cups. I love it!
Time to order another shipment I guess - or maybe time for another trip. Would be nice to 'escape' Winter for a while!!
Thank goodness for green tea to keep me warm and keep me sane. Also, a big thankyou to the lovely men who spent the morning in my roof installing the insulation. Life gets better every day!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

My new shop!

Hello all!! What a busy bee I've been! I have opened a new online store
More wonderful lanterns will be added soon, new designs, shapes, colours - can't wait. Loads more wedding lanterns too.
Shortly, my main store will be off air temporarily while I make some major changes.
Please email if you are after any stock while this is happening - or if you are after lanterns just visit the new shop! Thankyou to all my wonderful customers for your on-going support. I know you'll all love this new store :-)