Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Hello dragonfly friends! I'm celebrating .... dragonflyinteriors.com.au is back on line!
A big thankyou to everyone for their patience and understanding this last week.
So, I've decided to have a giveaway. So hard to choose what I'd offer, so I thought I'd pick my all-time favourite items - the 'coffee set' in dragonfly design. Its available in blue or red! Its sooooo cute, even the little spoon has a dragonfly painted on it!!
A practical and beautiful display item!
To enter, just add with your name and your colour choice (red or blue) in the comments section below!! Entries will close in one week, and will be drawn randomly by Patsy!
Thanks for visiting my blog!!


Trinny Princess said...

Great giveaway!! I hope being first will give me luck.
I'd love the red. My husband bought me the red tea set from your site for xmas. I love it.

Thanks Trinny
ps. I've just started following you so you will be able to contact me easy if I win ;-)

Audra Starkey said...

The tea sets look great Karen ... I think I like blue the best!

Regards - Audra

Anonymous said...

I want the red one S'il Vous Plait!!! Mellyana

kathleen said...

Wow I have only just discovered you. I received a birthday present today of a platter and 4 small plates. So of course if I were lucky enough to win it would have to be blue so it would match.
regards Kathleen

Sophie Munns said...

Hi Karen,
Great to meet you tonight at ABCD!
The red ones are adorable...OH! and i had a quick look at the lanterns they are wonderful!

katiecrackernuts said...

Karen, Lovely to meet you at the ABCD event on Thursday. I can't get over how in touch and supportive the art/craft community is here in Brisbane. Love it.
I lived in Vietnam so love the dragonfly motif on the pottery. I was working as a journo there and for a tourist magazine so got to see where these were made. Saw some lovely designs. Vietnam has a great art/craft and design aesthetic and market it so well.

TZel said...

These are so beautiful! I would love either, but I think I am partial to the blue. Thank you!

Gina said...

Oh, fabulous! Came via Thea & Sami. I'm such a sucker for anything red... oh and I'm having a giveaway too at my blog, not nearly as classy though.

Faith Hope and a whole lotta Love said...

Great giveaway!

I love them both but think the red would look great on my kitchen table!

The Consummate Hostess said...

I adore the blue and white set! What a great giveaway. Thank you!

Pretapawte said...

I love the blue and white set

Peta @ Pippiwillow said...

The blue set is definitely a cracker! What gorgeous tea set, I'd have to bribe our 4y.o to keep well away and advise her that this is one tea party she'll not be the host of! Thank you . peta

inkala images said...

Ohhh...they're just lovely...blue and white it has to be! x

Sanchia said...

I love the blue very much, but think I have come across your blog a little too late this time :)

Dragonfly said...

Hi Sanchia, don't worry - I'll be having more giveaways in the future :-)
Cheers, Karen