Saturday, July 11, 2009

I Love it!!!

I just love my new tea towel! 100% linen, hand printed (solvent free). Good for the environment - good for me! If only Patsy, my hard working assistant could learn how to dry the dishes .......

Thank you Thea - this really looks lovely in my kitchen :-)
For those of you in Brisbane this weekend, Thea & Sami will be at the Portside markets on Sunday. I'll be there - this time the market coincides with the annual Coffee & Chocolate affair - two of my favourite things!!!
Enjoy the weekend - Sunday day off for me - today, all things dragonfly.


inkala images said...

Aren't you the clever one!! Indulgence in every form tomorrow...craft, chocolate and coffee...all with friends - quite the perfect Sunday! x

Dragonfly said...

Hi Ingrid - looking forward to catching up. There's a few things I have my eye on .... and chocolate is also high on the list! See you in the morning!!!