Saturday, July 11, 2009

Lantern news!

Watch this space silk lantern lovers!!! I've just gotten my hands on a couple of different battery operated LED lights I'm wanting to try in the lanterns. Will let you all know how it goes and post some pics if I'm happy :-)

Even though the Vietnamese Silk Lanterns look stunning without being lit, they look even more special at dusk and night time lit up. It completely changes the mood and the feel.

They can be used as light shades also - consult with your electrican first. Many restaurants (like Buddas Kitchen - see pic above) use the large size red lanterns.

Lanterns available at dragonfly interiors or lanternshop. All colours, sizes, shapes. Perfect for parties and weddings.

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GG said...

Thanks for posting the picture of the lanterns as lights. They look really lovely. I think these would look perfect in my dining room. I'm going to get orange! My kids have read the 'decorating ideas' on the lanternshop, and have decided to use the mini lanterns on the xmas tree this year!! The only trouble is they can't agree on colours, so can you please send an assortment to keep the peace here!!
Thanks for the decorating tips!