Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Thank you Pippiwillow

Patsy waiting patiently for the pack to be opened!

Oooooh, gimme gimme gimme gimme
mmmmmm - so delicious!!
A big thank you to my dear blogging friend Peta from Pippiwillow. A few weeks ago I had a giveaway, and the winner was chosen by my hardworking assistant Patsy (pictured above).
The winner was Pippiwillow, and she was kind enough to make me a beautiful little dragonfly gift (click here to see it) and she also sent a lovely treat for Patsy.
I just love the picture in the middle - its the cutest ever!!!. Patsy is sitting up in her 'begging' position and her eyes are rolling around with excitement and she's licking her lips!! Thank you Peta for making Patsy's day - look how happy she is!!
Visit Pippiwillow - great blog by a very talented lady!
Only 2 more sleeps til Vietnam!!! I'm exhausted already. Dragonfly Interiors sale finishes tonight at midnight, but because I'm sure I won't be awake then, I'll just keep it going until the end of tomorrow!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Butterfly lanterns - New Stock!

Butterfly paper lanterns - aren't these so cute and colourful!! I think these are perfect for childrens bedrooms, playrooms and nurseries.
Click here if you'd like one!
Have a great weekend - I'm hoping the dust storm stays away from Brisbane .....

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Massive sale this week ....

*** BIG NEWS *** Its only 10 days til I'm back in Vietnam getting more goodies for Dragonfly Interiors and Lanternshop. Can't wait!

I've decided to change the weekly special offer this week and have a MASSIVE sale. It starts now and will finish at midnight on 1 October.
There's 50% discount on many of my favourite items - click HERE to go straight to the weekly special offer page.

So far, there'2 12 great offers, but I'm in the process of adding more. I'm picking all the items which are taking up lots of space in my warehouse.

Pictured below are 3 of the items (hand painted dragonfly design), now half price!! Happy shopping :-)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Look what I found!

Extra hot in Brisbane today - feels like summer! So lovely!!
Perfect time to add to the lantern website the new party decorations!!
These are sooooo cute - gold fish (for prosperity and good luck) paper/plastic decorations for Chinese New Year, parties, or even kids bedrooms! They fold flat when not in use - so you can use them over and over again!

Good news for lovers of the cherry blossom paper lanterns - I have more in stock now!!! I can't believe (actually I can cause they're stunning) they sold out in 3 days ..... thanks for your patience for those of you waiting. Orders have been sent out this afternoon! Enjoy :-)

Heading to my kitchen now to make a big summer salad! mmmmmmmmmmmm I LOVE summer!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Decorating with lanterns (Swedish style)!

Here's some great ideas to decorate with the beautiful Vietnamese silk lanterns. I just love the colours!! Who would have thought they'd look so great with floral wallpaper??? Fabulous!!

Stunning pics courtesy of Swedish magazine Family Living. Happy decorating!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sakura Mitsurie Cherry Blossom Festival

Looking for something to do next weekend? Look no further ..... Sakura Mitsurie - celebrating the birth of Spring!!!
This festival (at the Cowra Japanese Garden) is celebrated annually in September when the cherry blossoms are at their peak - this year 21 Sep - 27 Sep. Doesn't that tree look amazing!
It sounds like a lot of fun, and the activities they have planned are all things I'm really interested in - so I'm wishing I was going, especially since my beautiful cherry blossom paper lanterns (from the lanternshop) will be featured! I will definately pencil myself in for next year.
Click here for more info on the festival. I'd love to hear from you afterwards if you attend!!
Good news - the cherry blossom paper parasols have arrived!! They are in the weddings section of lanternshop. I'm soooooooo happy with them - the quality is exceptional. I had a lot of stress trying to find parasols of high quality, but I can relax now!! Hand painted, oiled paper - stunning. Also, more cherry blossom lanterns will be here in the next few days. The first shipment sold out in 3 days! So, apologies for anyone who is waiting!!
Also coming very soon - Chinese New Year Party decorations. I'm super-excited about these too.
Have a lovely day :-)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

One of my favourite blogs ....

Advanced Style is one of my favourite blogs - its guaranteed to put a smile on my face and lift my mood. It features 'real' fashionista's of the advanced age, all of them about and about doing their daily thing, in an incredibly stylish way. I really hope that I too can take pride in my appearance and still look fabulous when I'm 99 years young (just like the lady in the lower picture). And I just love the couple who were snapped at a restaurant!
This blog was recommended to me by my friend Thea - and I'd like to 'pay-it-forward' and recommend to all my lovely new blog friends.
I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Cherryblossom lanterns have arrived!

Hello all! I'm wildly excited again (2 days in a row)!!
The cherryblossom paper lanterns are in my hot little hands :-) and now available in the Lanternshop.
I just love them to bits. Now I'm just waiting for the cherryblossom parasols to arrive .........

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Coming Soon ... Cherryblossom paper parasols

Hello all! I'm wildly excited once again :-) Any minute now (sometime this week), I'll have these beautiful hand painted cherryblossom paper parasols in stock.
Perfect for weddings, parties and home decoration.
Also coming soon white paper lanterns for weddings. Yipee.
Will blog about all the new things as soon as they arrive. I'm also hoping for some lucky Asian goldfish paper lanterns too .......... Fingers crossed.
Happy Sunday!!!

Friday, September 11, 2009

High Tea!

Dragonfly Interiors & Lantershop was closed yesterday. I spent the day with some lovely friends enjoying High Tea! We went to a cosy little place on Mt Tamborine Qld called Tea & Niceties, and had such a lovely time! The tea was delicious, and the food incredible.

Look at the cutest little sugar cubes below.

the top two tiers were sweet, and the bottom savoury. The little sandwiches were cut into shapes!

mmmmmmmm :-) I can't wait to visit again! ALL the treats tasted even better than they look here!
Thanks to Ingrid for taking such lovely pics with your fancy camera. Visit her blog if you'd like to see more!
Enjoy the weekend!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Patsy - 'my adventures'

Patsy (the hard-working assistant) had a day off! What an adventurous day, full of 'firsts'!
The first time she's seen chooks, and the first time she's seen shetland ponies!! She had so much fun.
Here's the pictures she'd like to share with you. Enjoy :-)

Giveaway winner ........

Congratulations to the lucky blog follower number 10 ........... Pretapawte!!!

You are the winner of the Prosperity Trinket Box (pictured). I will be in touch to organise delivery.

Hope it brings you loads of good luck and prosperity!!

Pretapwte made a lovely dragonfly collar for my assistant Patsy. She is about to post and you will notice her lovely collar in the pics.

I will have another giveaway after my return from Vietnam. I'm sure I'll have something new and exciting!! Happy Spring everyone!!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Exciting New Paper Lanterns!!!!

The paper lanterns have now arrived and I'm sooooooo widly excited!!! I really love them all (especially the dragonfly lantern). I just could not believe my luck when I found these! I've already got mine hanging over my dining table. My mealtimes are going to be even more fun now!

There's also red 'happiness' Chinese New Year Lanterns, and some coloured round paper lanterns in pink, red, orange, blue and green - great for parties and home decoration.

To celebrate not only the arrival of the new stock, but also the arrival of Spring I've launched a great special offer for September (or until stock runs out) featuring my oriental bird design tea set. Visit for more details.

Which lantern style do you like best? My favourite (of course) is the dragonfly!!
Don't forget my giveaway (see previous) post for Prosperity Trinket Box. Entry is automatic to all followers of this blog - too easy!!!
Happy Fathers Day Dad xo

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Prosperity Trinket Box - FREE Giveaway!

Spring has arrived, and I can smell the beautiful fragrant jasmine everywhere I go. It is such a wonderful mood enhancer.
So this is why I chose this picture to announce my Giveaway for September! Its a gorgeous hand-painted goldfish design trinket box, from my very talented supplier in Vietnam. The detail is just amazing, and the colours nice and bright!
In Feng shui, the goldfish are seen as creators of good luck and success. By keeping an ornament with a goldfish design is a way of attracting prosperity. So, who is wanting to attract prosperity into their lives?????? (Me me me me, I think I need to bring more into my home from the warehouse)!
Its easy to enter - all you need to do is become of follower of my blog - entry is automatic.
I will announce the random winner from the list of followers on Thursday 10 September, so you have a week to join.
Good luck ........
These trinket boxes are available in the 'gift shop' at Dragonfly Interiors.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Colourful Spanish Wedding

Summer weddings - I love them!
I've posted these pics from a blog stumbled across and really enjoy. Laura has a wedding design and styling business, based in Marbella Spain and has all the pictures from this colourful wedding on her blog. This wedding was held at Guadalmina, Spain!
I was initially drawn to the pictures as they featured the colourful paper lanterns which look great.
The whole wedding is perfectly colour themed, and everything is matched together beautifully as you will see below.
I especially like the really cute cupcakes too.

Spain is such a wonderful place to visit - I'd love to return again soon. I'll add this to my very long 'wish list'.
If you'd like lanterns to feature in your wedding, click here.