Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sakura Mitsurie Cherry Blossom Festival

Looking for something to do next weekend? Look no further ..... Sakura Mitsurie - celebrating the birth of Spring!!!
This festival (at the Cowra Japanese Garden) is celebrated annually in September when the cherry blossoms are at their peak - this year 21 Sep - 27 Sep. Doesn't that tree look amazing!
It sounds like a lot of fun, and the activities they have planned are all things I'm really interested in - so I'm wishing I was going, especially since my beautiful cherry blossom paper lanterns (from the lanternshop) will be featured! I will definately pencil myself in for next year.
Click here for more info on the festival. I'd love to hear from you afterwards if you attend!!
Good news - the cherry blossom paper parasols have arrived!! They are in the weddings section of lanternshop. I'm soooooooo happy with them - the quality is exceptional. I had a lot of stress trying to find parasols of high quality, but I can relax now!! Hand painted, oiled paper - stunning. Also, more cherry blossom lanterns will be here in the next few days. The first shipment sold out in 3 days! So, apologies for anyone who is waiting!!
Also coming very soon - Chinese New Year Party decorations. I'm super-excited about these too.
Have a lovely day :-)


Trinny Princess said...

That looks fabulous! Thanks for the link to be website. I think I will pencil in for next year too, and make sure I'm at the origami display.
I agree - that tree is amazing.
Warm regards,

Mami said...

Thank you for visiting my blog and leave comment.And as coming to your blog,I am amaged to Sakura Matsuri fwstival in Australia.UUUm Beautiful!!
Nice shidare sakura photo!!