Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Thank you Pippiwillow

Patsy waiting patiently for the pack to be opened!

Oooooh, gimme gimme gimme gimme
mmmmmm - so delicious!!
A big thank you to my dear blogging friend Peta from Pippiwillow. A few weeks ago I had a giveaway, and the winner was chosen by my hardworking assistant Patsy (pictured above).
The winner was Pippiwillow, and she was kind enough to make me a beautiful little dragonfly gift (click here to see it) and she also sent a lovely treat for Patsy.
I just love the picture in the middle - its the cutest ever!!!. Patsy is sitting up in her 'begging' position and her eyes are rolling around with excitement and she's licking her lips!! Thank you Peta for making Patsy's day - look how happy she is!!
Visit Pippiwillow - great blog by a very talented lady!
Only 2 more sleeps til Vietnam!!! I'm exhausted already. Dragonfly Interiors sale finishes tonight at midnight, but because I'm sure I won't be awake then, I'll just keep it going until the end of tomorrow!


inkala images said...

Oh Patsy, you're so sweet! x

Torie Jayne said...

So cute! Have a sweet day! x