Sunday, September 6, 2009

Exciting New Paper Lanterns!!!!

The paper lanterns have now arrived and I'm sooooooo widly excited!!! I really love them all (especially the dragonfly lantern). I just could not believe my luck when I found these! I've already got mine hanging over my dining table. My mealtimes are going to be even more fun now!

There's also red 'happiness' Chinese New Year Lanterns, and some coloured round paper lanterns in pink, red, orange, blue and green - great for parties and home decoration.

To celebrate not only the arrival of the new stock, but also the arrival of Spring I've launched a great special offer for September (or until stock runs out) featuring my oriental bird design tea set. Visit for more details.

Which lantern style do you like best? My favourite (of course) is the dragonfly!!
Don't forget my giveaway (see previous) post for Prosperity Trinket Box. Entry is automatic to all followers of this blog - too easy!!!
Happy Fathers Day Dad xo


inkala images said...

What perfectly pretty detail on those dragonfly lanterns. Certainly a touch of elegant 'whimsy' for any special celebration. x

Beach Vintage said...

Hi Karen, it was great to meet you too. I can now see your obsession with dragonfly's. I really love the Xmas tree with the mini lanterns, what a fabulous idea! I am sure we will talk again soon. All the best - Simone

Kelley at My Island Wedding said...

don't know if you know this, but my "favorite bug" is the dragonfly!!!

my daughter used to ask people:
1. who is your favorite princess?
2. what is your favorite color?
3. what is your favorite bug?

Loving your blog and Patsy too!!!

Dragonfly said...

Hi Kelley,
Thanks for visiting!! I love your daughter's questions (especially number 3). That's really sweet.
Cheers, Karen