Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Moon Cake Day!!

中秋节快乐 - Happy Mid-Autumn Day!

Today is Mid-Autumn day, also the Moon Festival Day, so tonight my friends, is the time to eat the delicious moon cakes!

Here's my box of moon cakes - so beautifully packaged and presented!

Of course, we are having a little party at my place! (the hardworking assistants are VERY eager to participate)!!!

Best wishes to you all!!!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Beauty Shopping ..... Saigon Style!

One of the great things about Vietnam that I love, is you can buy absolutely anything you may need (or didn't even think you may need) from street vendors!

No need to go into exclusive and expensive stores ........ but if you are game, here's the best way to get some incredible bargains!

This lady has a mobile beauty products shop - nail polishes, creams, lotions - and more!

and, after buying all your products, how about a new hairdo??? There's even room to park your motorbike!!!

Everything a modern girl needs when travelling :-)

Have a lovely week my friends!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

I spoke too soon .....

Yes, just one day after blogging about Patsy being such a 'good girl', here she is today, joining her little sister in trying to destroy the couch. And I thought they were supposed to be my hardworking assistants .........

Its nearly the weekend :-) Yay!! Hope you are all having a lovely week!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I can't believe Frankie (hardworking assistant Number 2) is nearly 6 months old!!

Here she is doing what she does best - destroying the lounge and cushions.
Note, Patsy is no-where to be seen in these pics, she's such a good girl ;-)

Lucky for Frankie its hard to be cranky with something sooooo cute :-)

Wishing you all a very happy start to Springtime (or Autumn for some)!!

Its a busy time for us now, but am hoping to visit you all soon!!
Cheers, Karen, Patsy & Frankie