Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Birthday Celebrations!

Wow!!!! Its nearly my birthday. I can't believe a year can go by so quickly.. sigh ......
To celebrate this big occasion - is giving away dinner sets! If you purchase a tea set KTS1 or KTS2, you will receive this dinner set FREE - or if you purchase the red tea set KTS3, you will receive a red dragonfly dinner set FREE.
Check the 'specials' page for other great bargains. There's heaps to choose from!
Lantern update: Shipment has arrived in Brisbane, just waiting for customs clearance. Can't wait!


inkala images said... generous! Shouldn't the gifts be for you? Good luck with Customs...the lanterns will be worth the wait!

Dragonfly said...

Yes, you're right. The gifts should be for me - although I do give myself gifts all the time when new stock arrives!!! Like today with the lanterns .... so many to choose from. Helped myself to a few in my favourite colour :-) Happy early birthday to me!!!
Hope you like the lanterns too!