Monday, June 1, 2009

Its my birthday .....

Thanks everyone for your lovely birthday wishes. I'm having an excellent day!! Its nice to be spoilt.
Thankyou Patsy for the beautiful card and your sweet words!
I've decided to extend the sale a few more days so I can just relax and not have to worry about changing much (bit lazy, I know - but good news for my lovely customers).
Cheers ...... its champagne time!


Seeds of Hope Montreal said...

Hello beautiful,
Happy happy birthday to you to my favourite Dragonfly girl. This is your month so enjoy, have fun, keep warm... Hugs and Kisses for Patsy from Aunty Mel. I wish you all the best with Dragonfly Interiors, that it may flourish and become well known in Australia (and the rest of the world)



Dragonfly said...

Thanks Mel, Happy Birthday to you too!!.
Wishing you every success and happiness for your future in Montreal! It sounds like you are having a great time :-) I'd love to visit - keep my fingers crossed things will fall into place and it happens. A little side-trip to New York would be nice too ......