Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Chinese Greeting

Ni hao (hello) my friends - Yes, I am learning mandarin Chinese!! I have only had one lesson so far, and wouldn't call myself fluent yet ...... but I am working on it with great gusto!

When I was in China recently, I found it incredibly difficult to communicate and get my way around - and as I will be returning again soon, this time I'm going to be much better prepared! I'm even learning the Chinese characters too!

Prior to my last visit, I could only say 'hello', 'thankyou' and 'lantern', and, as you can imagine, this didn't get me too far!!

So, wish me luck - I'm gonna need it!! (and lots and lots of study, practice and patience too)!

Thought I'd share a couple of pics of my trip. This one is my favourite.
A very studious young man doing his homework outside his parents market stall. I really admire his dedication!

and I love the way the Chinese can nap anywhere!!

Wish me luck my friends - I'll keep you updated on my progress :-)
Have a great week!


Dragonflyshop said...

ahhaaahhh sooooo funny !!!
have a nice "middle" week my far friend!!

Mami said...

Oh you're studying Chinese!! Good for you!! have a nice day!

Ines said...

Dear- I wish you luck!
I think, it´s great idea to learn this language! I am very intersted in Chinese things and I love the language and their friendly character!
Enjoy your day-

Tracey said...

Good luck with that! Can you cook Chinese too? (yummy!!) BTW My dad has been married for several years to a Chinese woman, I love it when she shouts at him in her own tongue! xxx

Nat said...

Wow...good for you and good luck!
Great snapshots of daily life :-)

{little.happy.things} said...

Good luck on learning Chinese. I know it's a very difficult language for it has 5 tones and tons of Chinese characters...My husband tried to learn Japanese, so I can see it's very difficult for westerners to learn since Asian countries don't use alphabets...
But I know you will master it since you have deep love for China~

Fred said...

That's awesome! We only speak a little Frenchie, but Old Girl would like to learn Korean!

BonjourRomance said...

Bonjour Karen,
Oh wow, best of luck to you. I'm positive you will do just fine, and will be ready for your next trip!
Hope all is going well for you.
a bientô^t,

happyichigo♥ said...

oh good luck with ur mandarin lesson!

Kathy G said...

Good for you!

From our trip to China five years ago, I learned "Hello" and "Thank You".

Deborah said...

OH WOW! That is great! I give you a lot of credit because I don't think I could learn another language!
Thanks for dropping by tonight! The year went flying by!

Yokohama said...

Great! Good luck for you!!! \(^___^)/

Lorenza said...

I know you can do it!
Good luck!
I love the contrast between those 2 pictures. Dedication to study. Dedication to sleep!
Take care
Kisses and hugs

Miss Caitlin S. said...

love the glimpse into a foreign city, looks so fun to just roam about and take it all in. I hope you realize how funny it is when you say that you only knew how to say "Hello", "thank you" and "lantern" hahah :)

Green thumb said...

Ni Hao Karen (+ Patsy and Frankie)! Good luck with your new challenge! Lovely shots!

Poppies and Sunshine said...

Wow, that's amazing your learning a new language! It look sounds like a hard language to learn! Good for you!

francis said...

I admire you for your ambition and for following your dream . Learning chinese wauw ! Many happy regards from Holland , Francis

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Gooooooooooood Luck with one of the most difficult languages in the world, just think about the writing.... keep us posted on your experiences, looking forward to it. *%&@$ *&*##!@ = Chinese for: Hugs for a lovely day xxx

Florence and Mary said...

Wow, studying another language is hard enough but chinese is another matter all together!

Good luck with it.

Victoria x

Kelley at My Island Wedding said...


and second of all, how cute is that man napping???

Hope all is well, and best of luck! (Have you read 'Eat Pray Love' yet??? reminds me of you!)

Torie Jayne said...

Wow! I am impressed you are learning Chinese, good luck, Have a sweet weekend!

Maubrey said...

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Kelly said...

Great pictures! I have to admit to being able to nap anywhere too!!!
Good luck with the Chinese lessons, very brave of you :)