Friday, August 5, 2011

Blog neglect!

Hello friends,
I'm sorry for my absence. First I was in China for 3 months, and now since I've been back I've been really, really busy. Its just been all business, no time for play - but hoping to change that soon!

I now have professionals helping me with the photography for the business - such bliss!! We even spent a half day at the beach working! Everyone was happy, as the hardworking assistants Patsy & Frankie came too!

What do you think of the photographs!! So fabulous, and taken at my local beach in Brisbane!

Hardworking assistants helping to find a suitable location to place the stock!!

I have been blogging on the business blog, but will be back on this one soon I hope!
See you all again in Spring! Only 3 weeks to go ......
Cheers, Karen


Kathy G said...

Lucky you, working at the beach!

The glass bottle lanterns look interesting. I bet they're beautiful when lit.

Anonymous said...

hey the photographs are fabulous - I'm happy that everything seems to be going so well for you :)

inkala images said...

How lovely will these look as the sun is setting and twilight begins...beautiful.

Ingrid x