Thursday, January 28, 2010

Lantern giveaway time!

Congratulations to Patsy and myself and our little blog for having 100 dear sweet followers now! So, as promised, to celebrate we are having a giveaway to our loyal friends!!! We'd also like to thank you all for visiting us regularly and leaving your comments - we just love it (and have become quite addicted to the whole thing)!

We will be having 2 prizes :-) and the winners will be drawn randomly. The lanterns are all from our most recent shipment which arrived just after Christmas!
Plenty of choices - you can select your prize from the following. Oh, and I will post anywhere in the world!

I do apologise, the photos are not quite as I had planned, but as it has been over 30 degrees C every day lately and the humidity is very high I haven't been wanting to stand in the heat and take new pics!

A. Set of 9 20cm round lanterns (one of each colour as shown)

B. Set of 12 party lanterns in various colours

C. Set of 12 'happiness' lanterns (perfect for Chinese New Year - February 14)

D. Large cherryblossom lantern (35cm) with 1 20cm white lantern, 2 20cm red and 1 20cm black

E. Large dragonfly lantern (35cm) with 2 20cm white lanterns, 2 20cm black lanterns

My giveaway is open to anyone following the blog, and to enter just leave your selection in the comments section below - too easy!!!

All the lanterns are paper, and they all fold flat when not in use - so you can use them over and over again :-) All items from Lanternshop.

To give you all enough time to enter, we will draw the prizes on Wednesday night 3 February (Aussie time), and will post the winning details on the Thursday.

Thanks again, for making our blogging experience so enjoyable. Patsy and I have made some really great friendships with people (and animals too)!

Good luck - and lots of love to you all, Karen & Sweet Patsy xo


Ocean Girl said...

Congratulations and jubilations!

You are just so sweet and the lanterns are all so lovely, and if I have to choose it would be A.

Baino said...

Love the round ones and the dragonfly of course but I never win anything . . very pretty. Either way any would look lovely on my verandah. Then I'm a n00b so . . .good luck to your long-time contributors

Mami said...

Glad you have much sunshine and hot weather.

Congratulations on your 100th post cereblation.

Pls count on me. My favorite lantern is doragonfly's one,of course.

Every lantern is so pretty.I cant choose one though.

Posie Patchwork said...

Oh, lovely!! So many choices, such a generous giveaway too. Happy 100th follower, gosh, was i number 100?? I think so. Happy to follow, it's a great blog. Love Posie

becky said...

Karen great giveaway! I picked the very first one.I cant wait til spring now,lol.Thanks for reminding me it will be soon,I

Enjoy your day!

MadeInCanarias said...

Thank you for a super cool giveaway. I would pick A.

Tracey said...

I have so looked forward to this as you know! Congratulations to you both on 100 followers! xxxxxxxxxxxx

Tracey said...

Just in case I happen to win......LOL I would like selection E...(cheeky!) xxx

daisychain said...

wow, congratulations!

I love the large cherryblossom lantern,
utterly divine x

Marina said...

Congratulations on reaching 100+ blogger friends!
Definitely love the dragonfly lantern!

Glad to hear you are loving all there is to blogging ... it definitely is addictive!


Libbie said...

I sure picked a good day to swing by & see what you are up too! What an amazing prize! Those colored laterns are really too cool!!! I do always love stopping by! PLease enter me! And that is awesome you have 100 followers! I know it will only keep growing!

Fred said...

Lovely! I would be so excited to win the dragonfly one for Old Girl!

Marina Mott said...

Karen, hello!! So beuatiful choices!!

Little Lotus said...

Hey, I suppose I am too far away in the uK to enter but wanted to say well done on 100 viewers. Keep up the good work , I love your blog, always makes me smile.

The Blonde Duck said...


Heavenly Housewife said...

Congrats on your 100th follower :). Great lanterns, my fav is the cherry blossoms.
*kisses* HH

Neysa said...

Congratulations on 100+ followers! I've really enjoyed reading your posts since I first found you (Via your comment on my own blog!), and look forward to still reading when you have 200+!

I was eyeing those dragonfly lanterns the other day, and trying to figure out where to magically pull funds from to buy some, perhaps I will be lucky instead?

Lorenza said...

Congratulations on your 100 followers and many more that you will have!
The lanterns are beautiful!
Kisses and hugs

Torie Jayne said...

Congratulations! Loving all the paper lanterns, Have a sweet day!

Fabulous Frau in the Aussie Bush said...

Thanks for visiting and becoming a follower! Just love your name! My sister gave me a pretty dragon fly hanging ornament for Christmas and I love it. Your Patsy is a very cute opposite of my Hans! Very gorgeous. I look forward to learning more about you - I'll be back soon too! Glad you liked my tee pee post - I told my sister in law during a fab lunch in a groovy suburban place (Mailing Road to you Melbourne girls) today about my High Tee in a Tee Pee ... and momentarily she was stuck for words ... good fun. Lovely to meet you, Cheers, Suzy ;)

inkala images said...

Such lovely lanterns, imagine the coloured ones in a childs room...or the dragonfly one swaying in the breeze over a day bed...or the cherry blossoms hanging from a beautiful old cherry tree! Oh my, how could I possibly choose!

Ingrid x

My Passport to Style said...

Hi my friend,loving this sweet lantern post.Sorry for my lack of comments, my son had a serious accident just before xmas.So it had a effect on my abillity to blog regularly!But I'm back now and notice you and I have not exchanged blog links if would like to please let me know. Have a lovely wekend. Sharon xox

Nina said...

Bravo on your 100th post! Here's to another 100!

These lanterns are too cute for words!

Join my giveaway contest too?!

pam said...

Congratulations! I choose the happiness lanterns. They would surely make my New Year celebration more festive.

Fairy Footprints said...

Oh the laterns look like so much fun, and a great decoration.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Thank you so much for your visit, and your wonderful words of kindness.

Blessings to you and yours,

Kissed by an Angel said...

100 followers - well done!!! You deserve it!! I would love to be in your give away please!! I just love the Party Lanterns!!! They remind me of my mum!! We had this type of lantern on our christmas tree when I was young!!! Lovely!!

Duchess of Tea said...

Darling just popped in to wish you and Mr. Dragonfly a lovely weekend!! I was just wondering if the quote had any positive effects on Mr. D? (giggles)

Take care luv

Florence and Mary said...

What a great giveaway

Victoria x

Beach Vintage said...

I really love that cherry blossom design Karen. Thanks for giving us the chance to win!

Miss Caitlin S. said...

Congratulations!! Such pretty lanterns- I would have to say Selection B is my favorite (I follow you) :)

Duchess of Tea said...

My darling I popped in to wish you a love filled February full of blessings.

Love & Hugs

The Hausfrau said...

Wow, hard to choose--but I think set B might be my favorite! I love lanterns!

Kristin said...

Ohhhhhh, what fun those would be for a party!!