Monday, January 25, 2010

What a hot weekend!!

What a great weekend - but the heat has just been so incredibly hard to take.

Thankfully, we were lucky enough to spend most of the weekend in the pool.
Here's little Gracey (the newest member of the extended Dragonfly family), she's only 2 months old! Isn't she adorable - she's showing off her beautiful bathers! I think I'd like these in my size!! She enjoys the pool too!!

And my baby Patsy, who is definately struggling in this heat wearing her fur jacket!
At the moment, we only have one room in the house with airconditioning - my office. Unfortunately its incredibly messy :-( Here she is squeezed in amongst the mess this morning taking a well-earned nap!!

Isn't she just the cutest???

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend!!
This week I'm going to photo the choices for the giveaway prize and post ASAP!

Happy Monday my friends :-) Australia Day holiday tomorrow! Yipee!


Beach Vintage said...

Looks like Patsy is keeping cool Karen.

Tracey said...

OOOOH....I want that baby.....(and Patsy!) They are adorable...I don't know how you stand the heat, thank goodness you have the pool! xxx

Posie Patchwork said...

Yes, our poor furry friends. Somehow our puppy manages to cope but we do give him a good hose before we go swimming (without him). Oodles of fresh water to drink too, he's coping. Canberra has dry smack in the face inland heat. Looking forward to moving to Brisbane & get sea breezes & a beach closer than 3 hours away. Love Posie

CambridgeLady said...

Sleep away the heat - a very good idea :)

Stay cool and enjoy Australia Day

becky said...

Poor Patsy.I pity doggies in the hot weather.My westie gets worse than my border collie.

Cute adorable baby.Shes seems big for 2 months old.Love the name Gracie loveee it!LOL@you would like the bather in your size.

Have a good one!

daisychain said...

aw, gracey is so cute!

Miss Caitlin S. said...

Two very big "awwwwws" to this post!

{little.happy.things} said...

what a cute baby! And I miss the warm weather! Do you watch the Australia Open? I was there once when I work for a TV company, I miss it and I also miss the whole country!

{little.happy.things} said...

What a cute baby! And I miss the warm weather! Do you watch Australia Open? I am watching it in the cold weather. I was there once when I worked for a TV company, I miss it and I miss Australia!

lobstersandwich said...

Happy Australia day!!
Greetings from