Friday, August 7, 2009

Back to Vietnam!

Yipee! Vietnam trip starting to get organised (finally). My flights to Ho Chi Minh city booked - Only one way though so far. I'd better keep working on the return!

The homewares trade fair is on early October and I can't wait to see whats new and exciting. I'm definately buying more silk lanterns - new colours, shapes, sizes etc.

Looking forward to some great food too!

I thought I'd share this interesting pic I found on one of the Vietnam blogs I follow.

If you look closely at the enlarged pic, you can see the arm hanging out of the truck holding a cigarette! Note the large 'no smoking' sign on side of the truck.

It made be gasp and chuckle at same time!!!

And finally .... I have finished all my wholesale price lists!! Email me if you'd like information.
Have a great weekend all - weather in Brisbane is perfect again!

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