Thursday, August 20, 2009

Unique Xmas Decorations!

Christmas season will be here before we know it! I'm actually going to be organised early for the first time ever! (I'm hoping) ....

Why not decorate your tree with a different theme this year. Vibrant bright colours, interesting patterns on the silk and colourful tassels. These lanterns will guarantee a fun and lively tree, and they are easy to hang and lightweight! Your family and friends will all be impressed!

They also look great hanging from twigs or in your plants.

Only $4.95 each from our Lanternshop. Special xmas packages available.

Vietnamese Silk Lanterns - an exotic and fun alternative for Xmas 2009!


GG said...

What a great idea!! It makes my box of traditional baubles look boring!
The twigs look really good too.
I think its time for me to update and show off to my family - they are all coming to stay this year!! Thanks for the suggestions!

Dragonfly said...

My pleasure! Happy decorating and enjoy your Xmas :-)

Trinny Princess said...

Wow. Its true - that looks fun and festive! The bright colours are so beautiful, and it looks like there's a few different patterns too?? Is that right? I've seen the specials on your website - I'm going to get my tree from storage and see how many I need first. Lookout for my order. I'm glad you send random colours - it would take me hours to decide which ones to get.
Maybe its time I started xmas shopping too!
Til next time, Trinny

Dragonfly said...

Hi Trinny yes the patterns are all a little different, some of these also have 2 coloured threads which are very nice too.
Don't worry, I'll tune into my psychic vibes to pick some colours I know you'll love.
Thanks, Karen