Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A HUGE thankyou to Ingrid (Inkala Images)

A million thankyou's to my very dear friend Ingrid at Inkala Images. What an incredibly talented photographer and stylist (and wonderful cook too)!!

Ingrid and her assistant Miss Molly invited me and my assistant Patsy to her lovely home to photograph my silk lanterns in her garden!! I can't wait to see the pics .... so exciting.

We also had time to sip tea from the butterfly tea set while we watched our hard working assistants play!!

Unfortunately, I took the pic of Patsy and Molly (not so great - sorry) and Ingrid took the amazing pic of our tea!!

Thanks again Ingrid - it didn't even feel like work today!


inkala images said...

oh such nice words...it was my pleasure to be able to join in the fun! What a perfect day we had...furry friends included! x

GG said...

How nice that both your 'assistants' got to have fun at work too.
What a fantastic photo of the teapot - Ingrid sure is talented!! You girls are both so lucky to be able to enjoy your work like that ... I'm jealous!!!!

Trinny Princess said...

Cute assistants. I'm sure they were very helpful! (not). I really like that butterfly teaset! Have you had a new shipment in that I don't know about?? .......
I'm starting to think about xmas gifts and shopping now - but I'm thinking that would be nice as a gift to ME!!!!!

Dragonfly said...

Hi Trinny - I'm a huge fan of buying (or making) gifts for self!!!! there's never any disappointment!
The butterfly teaset has been around for a few months now - I think maybe its just that it has been photographed so well (thanks again Ingrid) that it looks like a new design!!!
Cheers, Karen