Sunday, August 23, 2009

Weekly special offer!!!

Vietnamese Silk Lanterns again this week!! I have extended the $99 package deal for another week as it has been so popular (this deal available at dragonflyinteriors and lanternshop). I think this beautiful summery weather has got everyone thinking about decorating their outdoor areas and gardens. I've also added a few more package deals to Lanternshop, as I have had a lot of emails from customers requesting silk lantern packs for under $50. S0, now 6 deals in total - 4 in the main shop, and 2 in the xmas tree decorating packages.
Sorry, not much more to report from this last week - Its been full-on and I'm weary now - I've been in my garage all week packing orders. Going to have a lovely Sunday afternoon nap next. I deserve it!!!
I've also decided I'm going to have another giveway to celebrate the arrival of Spring. So stay tuned ......... I love the excitement of a giveaway!!!


inkala images said...

With little shops like this to explore, I bet you can hardly wait for your next visit to Vietnam...not long now! x

Dragonfly said...

Yes, you're right! I can't wait!! Its such an amazing place to visit. I've even decided to spend a few extra days this time so its not just all work!!

The Consummate Hostess said...

I adore those lanterns, thank you for the introduction!