Monday, August 17, 2009

Weekly Special Offer - Vietnamese Silk Lanterns!

Silk lanterns are featured in our weekly special! Package deal of 10 Vietnamese silk lanterns - save 25%
Great for parties, weddings, home decoration. Here they are pictured with my favourite Buddah in my garden Bali hut.
Its amazing what a difference a bit of colour can make to your living spaces, and these bright colours make wonderful mood enhancers!
I hear its going to be 29 degrees in Brisbane again today - I just love it!!
This deal is available in both shops dragonflyinteriors and lanternshop!


inkala images said...

a rainbow of colours...what a fantastic display! x

GG said...

The lanterns look awesome and very festive! I want a Bali hut and a buddah, and the lanterns too!! It reminds me of a great holiday in Asia.
I know you are an interior decorator - would love it if you shared some pics of the inside of your house too ... please!!!

Dragonfly said...

Hi GG, I just love my Bali hut, and spend loads of time relaxing in it. So peaceful.
As for the inside of the house - where do I begin! Its a bit of a work in progress at the moment. It does have an asian feel to it also, with a bit of Turkish/Moroccan thrown in. I will definately share some pics as soon as I have a room 100% finished!! Won't be long - I promise!
Good luck with your xmas planning!
Cheers, Karen