Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Out n about in Vietnam

Having a lovely time!! Spent the day wandering around this incredibly busy city of millions of motorbikes, cars, trucks, bicycles, cyclos, food push-carts and people.
It really is an amazing and chaotic place, but amongst it all are so many beautiful parks like the one above, which are incredibly serene.
Everything is lush and green, and so well cared for.

Below, is a lovely little cafe where we stopped for lunch.

Oooh, and look what I found!! Silk lanterns inside the famous Post office building, which is pictured below. What a surprise!

Here's my mum negotiating price of postcards with the street vendor! My lucky mum won the golden ticket and got to accompany me this time!! Well, I think she's lucky anyway!!
Bye for now!!


Mami said...

Oh beautiful and busy place! Actually my husbnd is in Vietnum at work this week also.
it seems there are variety of lanterns.Fantastic!!

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Beach Vintage said...

It must be nice to see some greenery there Karen. It's still dry as a bone here.Have fun.