Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sneakie Peakie!

Hello! I'm back in Brisbane now, feeling rather exhausted! The trip was wonderful, and I even managed to have a few days of holidays this time - what a luxury!

Here's a little sneakie peakie of one of the new colours coming soon in the Vietnamese Silk Lanterns. This one is the silver! (the picture doesn't really do it justice, but I only have the tiniest little piece of silk at the moment). In a few weeks the shipment will be here, featuring all the current interiors decorating 'trend' colours popular in Europe this season - silver, grey, black - and many other new colours, not seen in Australia before!! I can't wait!
Also, many more colours, sizes and shapes suitable for nurseries, childrens bedrooms, and weddings - so exciting!! And of course, all of the popular styles and colours returning!


inkala images said... exciting! Glad you're home safely! x

GG said...

Silver sounds lovely - very modern!

Trinny Princess said...

Looking forward to seeing the new lanterns. Silver will fit my decor very nicely. Please put pictures up when they are ready. Thankyou :-)