Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Unfriendly scales! ... a continuation of my feeding frenzy

I had a most interesting (and horrifying) experience on my recent overnight trip to the Mekong Delta in Southern Vietnam.

As you can see from my earlier posts - I have been having a lovely time eating the wonderful foods here (mainly healthy too!).

The hotel that I stayed in had scales in the room (beside the lounge), so out of curiosity I thought I'd check if I'd gained any weight. Before I continue, I must point out that according to Australian height/weight guidelines, I'm well within the healthy weight range, even a little on the low side!! And I'm sure those of you who know me would agree with this!!

So imagine my horror when I jumped on these scales. My weight was a tiny bit up (no problem), but clearly written on the scales is the recommended weight for your height - and according to Vietnamese scales, I'm very overweight!!! What a shock!!! (I'm actually 5kg over the maximum recommended weight for my height)! How can this be?????
Time to head out for coffee and cake, and put this experience behind me!!


Lucky Canuck said...

OMG!LMAO. I'm sure that according to Vietnamese scales I would be considered a scary, monster-like creature, something like a Godzilla perhaps. LOL.

PS: I have given you an award. I hope you can drop by and accept it!

Anonymous said...

Going on holidays is all about eating what and when you like so don't worry what the scales say ... they're probably lying anyway!!

Mellyana said...

Hey my sweet,
Not to worry, apparently BMI's are also measured according to ur race and culture too... U R DEFINITELY NOT overweight... I think more in the petite range. Tu es belle et mignonne mon amie! (U r pretty n cute my friend) :O)

GG said...

Mmmm - sigh - I think I'm MORBIDLY obese if I lived in Vietnam!! Thankfully, my Aussie scales don't do this to me.