Saturday, October 10, 2009

Vietnamese Food

Hello again! I'm back in Ho Chi Minh City after 2 days in the Mekong Delta, where I continued on my feeding frenzy! Here's some pics of some of the things I've been enjoying!
Coconut salad with shrimp and pork (above),
Pancakes with shrimp below (my favourite so far)..... but still a couple of days to go!

And look at this! The bananas in Saigon are small, but I found these cutest ever little mini bananas in the river towns. Aren't they adorable!!!!

And the very nice dragon fruit!

Feeling hungry?????


inkala images said...

The cute little bananas are soooo sweet aren't they? Delish!

I do love the serving bowls in the first pic..are you bringing some back??


Mami said...

Vietnamese food looks so tasty. Dragon fruits seems glamouras.

Dragonfly said...

Hi Ingrid, I do have new things coming back! mainly lanterns though, but there's still 2 more days of shopping to do!!!

Hi Mami, I'll take a pic of the slice of dragon fruit, as that looks so lovely too!!

Have a lovely weekend!


Mmmm...i do wish I was there!

GG said...

Looks delicious. Yes, I'm feeling hungry now!